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I’ve already tried playing ‘Animal Island VR’! Most players did not even know that Tengda was working with Slow Movement Studio to develop VR games.

This feeling made Qiao Liang secretly happy.

It was a pity that he had to keep it a secret and could not reveal the specific details of this project.

Qiao Liang continued to dive silently as he watched the group of friends analyze the ‘Zhongdian Chinese Network’s Inspiration Class Author’s Salted Fish Syndrome’ seriously.

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“Does any big boss know anyone from Tengda?”

“Doesn’t Old Qiao know Boss Pei? Let Old Qiao ask him.”

“How long has the dead group leader been gone for? Can you find him? He’s probably addicted to games or out playing.”

“Don’t count on this lazy bum anymore. If he continues to be so lazy, Tengda will abandon him.”

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“That’s right. I remember that Old Qiao was invited as a special tester to try Repent and be Saved previously. I haven’t been looking for him recently. Obviously, he’s too lazy and has lost the right to try the game internally.”

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“Sigh, my son is useless. My heart hurts as a father!”

Qiao Liang could no longer remain calm seeing that the discussion in the group was getting more and more ridiculous.

Look, look. Was this human language?

What do you mean by I’ve been abandoned by Tengda?

I, Teacher Qiao, am Boss Pei’s good friend. How could I be abandoned?