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Translated by: Sads07

I was once again within the world of Fantasy Magic, 【Vier】.

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「Now, you will learn the secrets of the magic techniques I demonstrated the other day.... Then, to get you ready.」

As usual, my body still aches considerably with ladder training and phantom sparring, but if I keep at it for a few days, I feel I’ll gradually get used to the training.

On the first day, I could only do ladders and phantom sparring, but today I was able to train forbidden spells.

And now, like Tre’ainar did before, we’ve begun Forbidden spells training within 【Vier】.

「First of all, as basic knowledge...... Magic is a phenomenon that drifts in the air, enters and exits the body through conduits called ‘Magic Holes’ and is incorporated into the body’s ‘Magic Tank’ for storage, fastening, and release through the magic holes as necessary. You know this, do you not?」

Before teaching forbidden spells, Tre’ainar started talking about the basics of magic, as if to confirm my knowledge.

I was listening obediently though it was a subject I’m familiar with.

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「I am an Academy student, aren’t I? I understood it even as a kid.」

「Hmm. Then you must be aware that [Capacity of the Magic Storage Tank = Magic Capacity]. However, you can also understand that [Magic Capacity = Magic Power] does not hold.」

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「Ah. That’s the formula of [Magic Emission Amount + Degree of Magic Discipline = Magic Power], right?」

「Correct. In other words, regardless of the Magic Capacity, tis possible to release powerful magic by raising the degree of discipline or even the ‘Magic Emission Amount’. That makes it easier for the tank to empty quickly, but aside from that, how do you ‘Increase the Amount of Magic Emission’?」