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Her concern was not an exaggeration in the slightest.

Pretty much everyone was hoping for his recovery, but for the time being, it was unclear just how that was going to happen.

“If you think his behavior isn’t going to stop any time soon, there’s still the option of getting him to drop out, isn’t there?”

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I brought up another idea, and while she was somewhat surprised by it, she reacted calmly.

“That’s… Well, that may be something I’ll have to think about. It’s at least a relief that he didn’t throw everything away and suddenly say he wanted to become the commander this time.”

The thought of Hirata nominating himself as the commander for this special exam wasn’t that unreasonable.

If he had, he would’ve been able to lose on purpose and get himself expelled. It would’ve been as simple as that.

However, even if he doesn’t have any lingering attachments to this school, he still wouldn’t want to cause problems for others, which was why he didn’t take on the position in the first place.

The reason why he was just passively doing what he had to every day was probably because the class would be penalized if he dropped out. He was looking to leave when the time was right, without stirring up trouble for the rest of us.

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However, this was just how he was acting right now.

“But- That doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll always be acting like this, right? Who knows when he’ll get desperate…?”


As Horikita said, I didn’t know what Hirata would do if he became self-destructive either.

I couldn’t say for sure that the class would stay completely intact when he drops out.

“That’s why I don’t want to force him to participate right now. He’s a bomb that could go off at any moment, and I’d like to unify the class so he doesn’t explode on us.”

Out of everything, Hirata hated internal conflict the most.

So in order to avoid causing more of it, Horikita had been taking an active role within our class since the exam first started.

“Sounds rough.”

“You’ve taken on the responsibilities of the commander, so you’re going to have it rough too.”