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It did not matter. Even if they were suspicious, there was no evidence.

Eric had been lying low all these time for this moment.

At that moment, his cell phone rang.

Eric’s lips curled up slightly when he saw the number. He picked up the phone.


“I’ll rush over immediately.”

Eric adjusted his suit and tie in front of the mirror and smiled confidently.

“Boss Pei, just wait. I’ll be back soon!”

“I won’t give you any more chances this time. I’ll burn money until Tengda Corporation’s true colors are revealed!”

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January 31st, Tuesday...

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It was the second official day of work after the Chinese New Year holiday.

Pei Qian knew nothing about the ongoing storm in Los Angeles as the ‘culprit’. At that moment, all he could think about was the system settlement for this cycle.

At that moment, he was in his office, checking on how much money he had spent during the past week of the Chinese New Year holiday.

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The overall financial situation was not bad even though many accidents had happened during the previous cycle.

Mission and Choice had absorbed a large amount of funds. Coupled with the overwhelming publicity and preferential activities in various cities during the Chinese New Year period, the System Funds were almost used up.

Food delivery, internet cafes, gyms, logistics, and other physical industries were also opening branches, which helped to reduce Pei Qian’s pressure.