Where can I write a copy of the article online?

Where can I write a copy of the article online?

When I was thinking about that, Ria spoke.

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「Nee, Allen… You’ve been exercising that inhuman power for so long… Doesn’t your body feel weird!?」

「N-Not really an inhuman power though… Anyway, my body is quite fine.」

Unlike Rose and Ria, there was no burden on my body.

No, far from being burdened, the condition of my body was getting better.

The burns I should have suffered during the match were now completely healed.

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「I see… Then, if the match lasts longer… it will be my loss.」

「…That’s probably right.」

Judging from Ria’s exhausted state, if we continue on as is, it will end as she says.

「I see… So that’s how it’ll end after all…」


However, I couldn’t imagine that Ria, who absolutely hates to lose, would stand by and accept the loss without doing anything.

When I raised my guard and maintained Seigan no Kamae,