Students who make money online do not deposit

Students who make money online do not deposit

Huang Sibo, “You’re the one who won the prize. You should go first.” Zhang Yuan, “That’s right. You go first.”

Lu Mingliang, “Alright. Everyone knows that Upwind Logistics has been incurring losses ever since it was established. However, after being transferred to this company, I realized that Upwind Logistics has made significant contributions to Tengda Corporation.

“From its delivery services to its support to departments like ROF and Otto Technologies, one can tell how much Upwind Logistics has changed the logistical state and living habits of Jingzhou’s locals.

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“We’re not purely delivering goods to people’s doorsteps. We’re also establishing a close relationship with our users. Now, our old users only engage us for deliveries and not any other company. Although we’re losing money, we have full control of our customers. They are our most important resource.

“On top of that, tracing over our users’ images allows us to analyze the market well. That means we can conduct research for the other department and leave deep and lasting effects.

“Maybe Boss Pei gave Upwind Logistics the ‘Cornerstone Award’ because he thinks that Upwind Logistics is critical and foundational to Tengda Corporation.”

Zhang Yuan, “Yes, that makes sense. Without Upwind Logistics, ROF’s business would not have developed so smoothly in the beginning. We would also be having a lot of trouble with the after-sales services.”

Chang You, “I agree, too. Boss Pei obviously views Upwind Logistics as Tengda Corporation’s lifeline. The name ‘Cornerstone Award’ says it all.”

Lu Mingliang, “Do any of you have anything else to add?”

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Lin Wan, “Boss Pei emphasized that only companies that incur a lot of losses can earn this award. He even said we may win it in the future. That means being a ‘lifeline’ is not the only criterion for the award.

“The meaning behind incurring losses is more important.

“Shang Yang Games incurred losses first before it generated profits. It could only turn losses into profits because it learned from its past mistakes and accumulated experiences.