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"We may be unable to bring him back, no matter how many of us are there. In that case, keeping as many people as possible on the course would give the school a good impression. Doesn't seem like he's just lost either".

"I see. Maybe so. It's best if you come back the moment you feel you won't be able to bring him back with you".

I nodded at Hashimoto's advice and decided to follow Kouenji.

I hadn't planned on actively making a move here but there's also the fact that it's not exactly easy to get an opportunity to be alone with Kouenji. If I'm going to have a chat with him then this is about the only place I can do so.

The narrow path, far from being paved, is nothing more than a dirt road. Despite the terrible terrain, I picked up my pace. If Kouenji's also on foot then I reckon I can catch up to him in about 1 or 2 minutes.

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However, it looks like he's also picked up his pace since there's no sign of him.

"How troublesome.....".

Him picking up his pace on its own is one thing but it's just troublesome if he does it on a trackless path like this one.

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While searching for any traces Kouenji might have left behind, I picked up my pace even further. And after another 100 meters, I spotted Kouenji's back. Looking at his back, I remembered how a similar situation unfolded back on the uninhabited island.

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Of course, Airi had been with me back then and Kouenji ended up shaking us off his tail.


I called his name and closed the distance between us as though rushing him.