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How to make a flat to make money online

“Older Brother?”

“Wait a minute, quick Big Sister Sadiz… its Earth!?”

Hmmm… things are getting really fun. But it’s so hot. Everyone’s spinning around in threes and fours.

It can’t be helped.

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“Uuuuk, too hot… I’m gonna undress.”

“”””Wai, h, heeeeeeey!?””””

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“Hey, kid! Why… well, if you want to take it off, take it off!”

“Whoa, all of a sudden! Alright! I’ll take mine off too! I won’t lose!”

Take off the clothes. Fold em. Hurray!

『Nuh, you! this child and alcohol… unsavory, tis just like time with Bro…』

“Little man!?”

“Hold on, big brother!?”

“Oh~…… it’s swishy.”

“Earth! What are you doing in front of everyone?”

Hmm? Oh, everyone look… oh, Sadiz. Yes, it’s Sadiz.