How to hide the store online

How to hide the store online

The young man just caught a cold (and he recovered already). What surgery does he need!?

Just as I’m trembling, the young man continued mumbling solemnly.

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{I already decided that I’m going through the surgery. There’s no choice! I will never…I will never let someone control my fate again!}

“Like I’m the one that dragged you into hell!”

{However, what kind of surgery should I take? I’ll give it a good think the next time I wake up! Use the options!}

“That’s the most critical decision, right!? You’re throwing that to me again!?”

{The next, …the next choice will decide everything!}

The young man screamed excitedly, and the screen switched again.

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{10 minutes until he wakes up, …until the FINAL CHOICE!}

“This game is ending too fast!”

I reached the end in only a single day. No, if there are multiple options, perhaps the content of the first run isn’t this little.

No matter what, I can’t afford to miss the next super important event. However, now that I’m checking the time, I realized the situation is a bit awkward.

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“My only chance is the break after the first lesson is over…”