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Looking closer, his body was tightened by the shadows. Blood was oozing out of various places.

The shadows seem to force movement which exceeds the limit by tightening the cells.

「That’s not true… This『pain』is good! People grow up strong and indomitable by shouldering pain on their backs! Come now, Allen… Let’s『grow』together!」

With a heinous smile, Dodriel took an aggressive forward-leaning posture.

「Sorry to disappoint you, but your『growth』ends here today!」

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I clad my body with denser darkness than ever before and assumed Seigan no Kamae.

This is how the battle between me and Dodriel plunged into the final phase.

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Me and Dodriel, who donned『black』-『Darkness』and『Shadow』- glared at each other.

「-Here I come, Dodriel!」

「Ahaha, come… Allen!」

I gripped the pseudo-black sword clad in darkness, and zeroed the distance in one step.

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「Eighth Sword – Yatagarasu!」