Singing KTV online

Singing KTV online

If these criteria were fulfilled, the System wouldn’t care how high a pay Pei Qian received.

However, these conditions were a tall order.

“The System is indeed strict; basically, all side paths that I wish to take have been blocked.”

Pei Qian actually had a very rough idea in mind. However, this required someone to collaborate with him; and he could only shelve this plan for now.

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At this time, his phone rang; Ma Yang had called.

“Brother Qian! Boss Lin has said that he wishes to meet you and discuss some matters. Do you want to make a trip?”

Fish-Catching Internet Cafe branch…

Lin Chang and Pei Qian were not meeting at the flagship store this time; too many people were there, and it was too noisy. Ma Yang had suggested for them to meet at one of Fish-Catching Internet Cafe’s branches instead.

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Pei Qian came to the entrance as he pushed the door and entered.

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It was quite visible that more people were present inside than before.

This was evidently because of Chen Lei.

As Chen Lei had made it big on The Voice of China, his back story with Fish-Catching Internet Cafe had been discussed in gusto by viewers; that had given Fish-Catching Internet Cafe a gold branding.

Most of Chen Lei’s fans all headed to the Fish-Catching Internet Cafe flagship store; after all, that was where Chen Lei had been previously.

As for the Fish-Catching Internet Cafe branches; they had also benefited from this positive branding

Many people had originally felt that Fish-Catching Internet Cafe’s prices were very high; now, they were willing to pay for Fish-Catching Internet Cafe’s branding.

Of course, due to the bad locations of these branches, there were only that many customers with a certain amount of spending power in the area. Hence, Fish-Catching Internet Cafe branches were still barely breaking even.

Pei Qian sat opposite Lin Chang.