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Amano-senpai started stuttering. Crap, he’s so cute. That’s why I can never stop sexually harassing senpai.

The actual problem is that I don’t talk about erotic things usually, and I don’t intend to. I only go overboard in front of Amano-senpai because his reactions are really adorable.

I can’t help but continue asking.

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“By the way, senpai, what are your preferences on that side?”

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“What kind of serious sexual harassing question is that?”

“It’s nothing. I’m just asking for your ‘opinion’ on the game. I was thinking, how would senpai rate ‘that part’ when you’re playing hentai games.”

“Ugh, …what a cunning way of paraphrasing…!”

As long as I mentioned that we’re talking about games, this person is just as easy to trick.

He gave me a frustrated look for a while…Then, although his face is as red as a tomato, he mumbled and answered.

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“I-I feel like…as long as it’s n-normal…”

“What do you mean by normal?”

“Uh, it’s because, honestly, I’m a typical guy. No matter how impressive the plot is, I can’t go on when there’s something unusual going on in the intimate scenes…”

“Ah, just like the common issues I’ve briefly talked about earlier. The gentle and introverted protagonist suddenly goes berserk during the scenes. That plot will make people feel uncomfortable. Even if it’s okay for fanservice, it doesn’t make sense when it comes to the plot or the characters.”

After I expressed my agreement, perhaps senpai was interesting in gaming, so he spoke up.

“Yeah, Konoha-san! When the player just felt ‘hey the story’s good,’ if the protagonist suddenly starts swearing in the sex scenes, I really don’t know how I should feel about the plot!”

“Exactly. I experienced that. Even though it’s pure romance, yet the main character suddenly pulling out sex toys at that scene. I think I’ll lose around 70 to 80%!o(MISSING)f my mood as well.”

“This means that you’re still 20%!e(MISSING)xcited, right. Uh, that’s not important. It’s really like what you’ve said. From this point alone, perhaps you won’t encounter it in dating sims. This is just a standalone hentai game issue – a sudden appearance of the creator’s sexual fetishes.”