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The one person that’s willing to answer my “unnecessary” question is still my girlfriend, Karen Tendou.

She’s wearing that “Karen Tendou’s smile” on her drained face as she summarized for everyone.

“Yeah. It’s either to Amano’s house, to Hoshinomori’s house, or to downtown. The members that are taking the buses are the same. The Amano brothers. The Hoshinomori sisters, and the rest of us.”

“Really. Uh, well, the bus to our home is leaving 20 minutes later at 6:30 PM. Tendou-san, how about you?”

“The downtown gang is leaving at 6:25 PM. Hoshinomori-san, what about you?”

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“Ah, we’re going at 6:35 PM. We’re quite close to you guys.”


The conversation ended entirely. Yes, it’s over. It’s not like the usual “after a subtle silence,” instead, it’s absolutely over. I can say that everyone doesn’t want to talk in the least bit.

Usually, in times like this, Aguri-san or Uehara-kun, who’s strong at chatting with each other, will initiate the discussion first…However, they’re really exhausted by now. The two of them are lying on the table lovingly.

I feel like it’s not going to help to keep talking, so I just minded my own business and played on my phone…After all, I have the least stamina in this group. In reality, I’m just as tired as everyone, but I’m not “exhausted.” Instead, my eyes are still sparking actively. This is a kind of excited state. I guess I’m like those elementary kids eagerly waiting for their trip and unable to fall asleep.

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I clicked on my phone as I can’t help but smile.

(I can’t believe I’m playing with my friends on the holiday until we’re all drained…To me, it’s not that easy to find such a blessing experience like this…)

There’s no way for me to be really tired right now…However, I still pretended I do to avoid getting embarrassed. Even so, it’s not to the point that I have to rest my eyes-

(…Eh, that’s weird?)

-Now that I’m looking, Chiaki seems to be playing with her phone as well. I think she’s in the same excited state as I do. In reality, her relaxed smile is blossoming as if she’s blessed from the bottom of her heart…