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Then, as if to say『there is nothing more to discuss』, he quietly shut his eyes.

The man’s patience reached its limit, seeing Rain’s approach of not wanting to discuss further.

「…I-Is that right!? Then I’ll run away as you say!」

「Do as you please.」

「…Certainly, you’re insanely strong. But this time the other party is also insane! The enemy is Allen Rodore! You got the report, didn’t you? He is the『Special Class Force』that defeated one of the Thirteen Knights of the Oracle, Fu Rudras! And there’s another – the host of phantom spirit, Fafnir – Ria Vesteria is also present!」

The underling of the Black Organization left a sharp parting remark -『You’re finally going to meet your end!』and ran away at full speed.

In the throne room, which had returned to silence once again, Rain whispered.

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「Do I have to kill again…?」

Staring at the void with a sorrowful look, he laughed with self-pity.

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「Just what am I hesitating for…」

He recalled what he was doing in Dagrio, and held his head with both hands.

「What am I even saying… I am even less of a human than those brutes of Black Organization. What’s the point of feeling guilty now…!」

The wailing of an empty man echoed in the isolated royal castle.

「…Allen Rodore and Ria Vesteria. Capturing those two should bring everything to an end. A quiet Dagrio can be created.『A paradise for just the two of us』!」

Even now – Rain was fighting for his own justice.

We departed from Lao village, and went due north.