What kind of machinery parts are sold online

What kind of machinery parts are sold online

『And here I shall ask you one question…』

At first, I thought he was proud, but he suddenly looked serious.

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And say to me.

That is……

『Who was the strongest in history before I was called the strongest… Do you understand?』

“…… Huh? …… Come on, well… I don’t know.”

『My point. Naturally. Most likely, even amongst the demons tis not known. The one who was the strongest before me.』

What’s the story leading to? I don’t know anything, so I just shut up and listen…

『In other words, no matter how many people have made a name before, if more appear, people’s consciousness will be renewed even if they do not mean it to. Tis how things go.』


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『Yes, a renewal!” Child!』

With that said, Tre’ainar stood up with powerful words.

『If you want to break away from being the son of a hero and still be recognized as your own existence… You take your father ‘s feat , the defeat of the Great Demon King… and achieve one a far greater.』

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『Do that, and not only the Empire, but the world will recognize Earth Lagann!』

It was, as I was to say, a story of an indescribably large scale.