Do you sell games online?

Do you sell games online?


“…W-what the hell are you doing!?”

His chest bare, Ryūen had come to the door wearing nothing but his boxers.

“If I told you I was doing something vulgar, would you bug off?”

“I’d kick you in the nuts and go back to my room without looking back.”

“Kuku. I just got out of the bath, come in.”

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It seemed as though he was telling the truth, as his hair was indeed still wet.

Although she was still wary of Ryūen’s teasing, Ibuki stepped into his room.

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It was the first time she had done so ever since enrollment.

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Contrary to her expectations, the room was decked out with various accessories, giving it a completely different impression than ‘his’ room.

“You’re not here because you wanted to sleep with me before I get expelled, are you?”

Ibuki had no intention of drawing this out by getting caught up in his teasing, instead choosing to just get straight to the point.

“Your private points. Hand them over.”

“Oh? Aren’t you the one who rejected them in the first place?”

While drying his hair with a bath towel, Ryūen took a plastic water bottle out of the fridge.

Though, rather than offer it to Ibuki, he popped off the cap and took a drink for himself.