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「A-As expected of Allen-kun… You can shoot such a slash in that battered state. It would be worthwhile to compete with you as a senior!」

「He has already completely quit being a human being, so we can’t win even if we compete though…」

Lilim-senpai and Ferris-senpai looked at the jet-black slash in blank amazement.

「Haa haa… Zack’s room is just a stone’s throw away! Let’s hurry!」

When I shouted, everyone nodded and began to sprint.

(T-This is really severe…)

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My vision shook greatly and intense exhaustion enveloped my whole body.

My spiritual power most likely has run out completely.

(But it’s just a little further… If I endure a little bit more, we can all go home together!)

I clenched my teeth and carried my heavy feet forward and forward and forward.

The moment we somehow managed to get to Zack’s room,

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