What is the most profitable online agents

What is the most profitable online agents

These shops were very remote to begin with. Previously, they were only doing small businesses and the profits were very low. The rent of 50 to 60 square meters shops was less than 2,000 yuan a month. Zhang Yahui also understood that it was not easy for these shops. He took the initiative to raise the price to about 3,000 yuan. That was already quite sincere.

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Some of the shop owners were very satisfied, so they immediately signed the contract and allowed Zhang Yahui and the others to renovate the shop as they pleased.

Once they signed the contract, they would not have to worry about renting their shops.

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However, there were also some shop owners who were not satisfied with this price. They even secretly informed them that they wanted a higher price.

That was because they could tell that Thriller Hostel had already been established. There were huge visitors from all over the country. Tengda was also working on construction at the original agricultural market. Obviously, they were busy with new projects.

Now, renting all the shops on the street for ten years. There must be a big move!

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These people felt that a 50%!i(MISSING)ncrease in rent was not enough at the thought that Tengda was so rich.

After all, the contract was to be signed for ten years. Who could say for sure what would happen ten years later? What if the shop earned five or ten times the money a year later? They could not increase the rent. Wouldn’t that be a loss?

Thus, these people either hoped to increase the rental price a little more or wanted to sign a short rental. For example, they only wanted to sign for two or three years. That way, they could think about increasing the rent in the future.

Liang Qingfan and Zhang Yahui would definitely not be willing to do that.

That was because in their opinion, the reason why this place could develop was all thanks to Boss Pei. If Boss Pei had not invested a huge sum of money to build Thriller Hostel and snack bazaar, the rent on this street would not have increased. Instead, it would have decreased with the gradual loss of people.

The rental fee had already increased by 50%! (MISSING)They were already very sincere. If other companies wanted to rent it, these shop owners might have already agreed without any hesitation.

However, it did not make sense for them to ask for too much just because they felt that Tengda was rich and profitable.

What’s more, it was still unknown if this street could make money.

What if the snack market did not become popular and there were no customers in this food street? Wouldn’t they be making a huge loss if they signed a ten-year contract at an extremely high price?

Boss Pei trusted them so much. He had given such an important project to the three of them. What if it failed in the end? They could not bear the responsibility.

Thus, both sides were in a deadlock. The other shops were still observing other than a few more open-minded shop owners who had already signed the long-term contracts.

Liang Qingfan said, “Coincidentally, Boss Pei gave us some funds. I think we should be able to come to a conclusion.”