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Even if they added in the cost of water and electricity, a hot drink would cost two yuan at the most. The shared phone booth would continue to make profits.

Of course, customers could not choose their own flavors.

Furthermore, customers would have to pay extra to play the capsule machine.

The couple picked up the microphones from the table and found a small box that contained free microphone covers. They received two for free upon entry, but if they wanted to use more, they had to pay.

The melodious music sounded, and both of them started singing.

At that time, outside the phone booth, everyone in the queue heard soft music coming from inside the phone booth.

“Eh? Are they really singing?” “How long… do they plan to sing?”

“Holy sh*t, they’ve paid more to stay in there for longer. The remaining time has increased!”

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“…Let’s go, let’s go. How long must we freaking wait?!”

It looked like the couple that had just entered the shared phone booth was planning to stay in there for a long time. The timer on the screen started again at thirty minutes. Many people who had been queuing with the intention to try out the booth gave up and dispersed.

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However, a realization suddenly dawned on Zhang Wang-who had been sitting at the drinks stall nearby-once he witnessed what had happened.

If everyone who went in came out again quickly, it would have been a bad thing. It would have meant that the phone booth had not been attractive enough!

However, now the couple had decided to stay and sing for at least half an hour. That meant that the shared phone booth itself had no problem!

The other shared phone booths would be done soon. Then, they would move into the various shopping malls in Jingzhou City… They would be money trees that raked in profits for a long time!

Once all twenty shared phone booths had been set up and they had recovered their capital, Zhang Wang would immediately report the good news to Boss Pei!

In the afternoon, on a hired car heading from Jingzhou’s airport to Shenhua View…

A young man accessed the author’s platform application on his cell phone, created a new chapter, and then habitually typed the words ‘taking leave’ in the subject.