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“Most cuisines here needed to be reserved. For example, if the customer ordered western cuisine, we must change the design and layout of the room beforehand so that it fits the European style interior design. If the customer ordered Japanese cuisine, we would then change it to Japanese style.

“There will be two categories of dishes here. One will be made using normal ingredients that will be available at all times. The employees will be eating that. The other will be made using high-end ingredients such as the fugu shirako, Tahiti vanilla, Bluefin tuna, and Parma ham. Make sure that you contact the suppliers beforehand. After reservation, the customers have to pay a deposit before they can come over and taste the food.”

Pei Qian showed Lin Canrong around the place and spoke about wherever they went.

He had two goals ultimately.

First, the main purpose of the restaurant was to cater to the needs of his employees. The main goal was to make the place as comfortable and high-end as possible. Pei Qian did not plan on hosting many people at the villa. His ideal maximum number of customers was around seventy to eighty people.

The hall could seat about twenty people, and each private room could seat about six to seven people. If the weather was nice, they could also have a few tables in the balcony and garden.

Pei Qian did not plan to bring all his employees there at the same time. There were more than two hundred of them, and the villa could not accommodate so many of them. They could only come and have gatherings there in batches.

He could bring the seventy or eighty core employees here to have a meal together. The persons in charge of each department could then bring their respective employees over and have a meal together.

Anyways, the main purpose of the meals was to spend money. There was not much difference if they ate together or not.

Second, he wanted to spend as much money as he could.

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Preparing furniture, cutlery, lighting, and decoration pieces of various styles could burn a lot of money. It could raise the cost of human labor by a huge margin. However, he had a valid reason for doing so, and the system could not pick on him because of that.

After all, all his efforts were to offer customers a better dining experience although the cost of such improvements was huge and it was not a cost-effective decision.

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Furthermore, Pei Qian did not care about the opinions of the other customers. This restaurant was originally built to host employee and company gatherings. It was built to burn money for Boss Pei. Therefore, it was better if the restaurant maintained a low profile.