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The 2nd years listening to Nagumo's words almost seemed as though they were worshipping him.

Friend, benefactor, it's not limited to just those. He's a rival and a hated enemy yet at the same time, also respected. Anyway, a variety of emotions seem to be directed at Nagumo.

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In the 2 years he's been here at this school, this man has accomplished things no ordinary person would have been capable of accomplishing and that's probably why.

To what extent those are, not even the 3rd years know. The 1st years have even less insight into that.

"I'm just like you, Fujimaki-senpai. I don't desire meaningless conflict either".

"The conflict you desire drags others into it way too much".

"That's this school's modus operandi and I think that's the real thrill of it.....well, that's just the difference between our opinions though. I mean, I thought I could have had surefire competition with you, senpai, during the sports festival's relay but regrettably I wasn't able to realize that. I'm still frustrated about that, you know?".

"I don't think this is an exam where a competition between a 2nd year and a 3rd year will bear any fruit".

"That's probably right. Senpai's just that kind of person. But as for me, I just want a personal battle between the former student council president and the current student council president. You're about to graduate and leave soon. Before that, I want to see whether or not I've surpassed you".

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Nagumo's demand is unstoppable, his craving unsatiable.

"What are you intending to compete with?".

For a moment, the 3rd years seem surprised. It's because the older Horikita seemed as though he'd accept Nagumo's challenge.

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"Which one of us can expel the most students. How does that sound?".

Both the 1st years and the 3rd years stirred in response to that one word from Nagumo.

"Stop joking".

"I really think it'll be interesting but I'll refrain this time. If you want me to make a serious proposal then it'd be which group gets the higher average score. Simple and easy to understand".

"I see. If that's the case then I don't mind accepting".

"Thank you. I knew you'd accept, senpai".

"However, this is a personal fight between you and me. Don't involve others".