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She responded with empty words of gratitude. Nearly everyone in the class had voted for her.

“Next… I’ll announce the student who received the most censure votes. I’m sure you’re all aware of this by now, but the person whose name is called will be expelled. After this, they’ll have to pack their bags and come along with me to the staff room.”

The classroom was dead silent.

Every single student was quiet as they waited for the name to be called.

“In last place, with thirty-six censure votes…”

He paused for a split-second, and then…

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“Yahiko Totsuka.”

The name resounded throughout the silent classroom.

“How absurd! What’s going on!?”

Katsuragi stood up from his seat, raising his voice after the results had sunken in.

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“K-Katsuragi-san… Why? Wha…?”

Totsuka looked at Katsuragi with an expression of disbelief on his face as well.

He had received an overwhelming majority, thirty-six, of the classes censure votes, ensuring his expulsion.

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Then, Mashima revealed the total number of votes that every student in the class had gotten.

Katsuragi had placed just behind Totsuka with a total of thirty censure votes.

“What’s going on here, sensei? The one being expelled should be me-”

“There haven’t been any mistakes.”

Mashima cut Katsuragi off, answering his question calmly.

A young girl began to speak, as if to shed light on such an inexplicable situation.