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Hu Xianbin had seen the old game promotional picture of Mission and Choice in advance. Even though there were some slight changes made, 99%!o(MISSING)f players would probably not be able to tell any difference.

If this promotional material was uploaded, everyone would probably be brought back to the 90s and experience the feeling of time travel.

Hu Xianbin looked at the employee who was connected to the advertising department. “Are you sure this is the set?”

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The employee nodded. “Yes, would that be a little inappropriate? Should we ask the advertising department to make changes?”

Hu Xianbin shook his head. “That’s it. Boss Pei has already handed the publicity plan to Meng Chang. Even if you don’t trust Meng Chang, you should trust Boss Pei.”

“What’s more, Meng Chang has already done a few publicity plans. The effects are not bad. There should be no problem this time round as well.”

In the afternoon, at Binhu District.

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Qiao Liang had just finished eating the Fish-Catching Take-Out that was delivered regularly. He leaned back on the sofa and enjoyed the warm sunlight outside.

He switched on his cell phone and checked his fan group.

Indeed, the fans were all asking when would his new video be released and when would the live-stream start.

Qiao Liang quietly flipped through his chat history and continued to play dead.

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“Comrades, I really don’t want to stand you up. I just don’t have any inspiration.”

“Creative art like me is not like a hen laying eggs. The key still depends on my mood.”

After consoling himself, Qiao Liang sat in front of his computer as if nothing had happened. He opened the official platform, wanting to check if there were any new games recently.

“Eh? There seems to be a compilation of ‘restored classic domestically-produced games’.”

“Why are these old games that are more than nine years old being revamped? Aren’t they just a bunch of lousy games?”