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Which online make money software is the fastest and best

The One Million Yuan Dream Fund was a standard established in the early days of Tengda Group. It was not easy to squeeze out one million yuan then since Tengda was not as big as it was now.

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However, one million yuan could only be regarded as a droplet in an ocean now that Tengda grew larger and was more profitable. It was peanuts to Boss Pei who was in urgent need of spending money.

Pei Qian, therefore, asked casually. He did not mind giving Zhang Yuan more money if his dream was outrageous.

Of course, he would not give another penny if Zhang Yuan’s dream was too realistic.

Zhang Yuan gave it some thought. “Erm... Boss Pei, I gave it some thought during the holiday. My initial thinking is to create an E-Sports Club.”

E-Sports Club? Pei Qian was quite surprised. He originally thought that Zhang Yuan would continue to do the installations he was good at, but he didn’t expect him to be enlightened.

Pei Qian was very satisfied with this answer.

An E-Sports Club would burn money in no time, and there would be very, very little profits.

What was more, the e-sports industry was still very small in the year 2011. There was a lack of large scale competition around the world. Many professional players were still sleeping on the streets and eating instant noodles.

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The current E-Sports was basically games that the rich second-generation heirs played. It was something that Pei Qian was into.

Pei Qian had long wanted to create an E-Sports club for fun before Zhang Yuan even mentioned it!

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Pei Qian was all smiles immediately. He put out a thumb. “Good idea!”

Zhang Yuan was shocked. Why did he feel like Boss Pei was more excited hearing this news than when the RAM sticks increased in value?

“Is one million yuan enough? The team will have to train very hard for the game. They cannot suffer. We must give them the treatment they deserve! Ask me anytime for more money if you don’t have enough!” Pei Qian said excitedly.