money market deposit account

money market deposit account

That top-up amount and the settlement date would always vary.

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Because the top-up limit was 500,000 and Pei Qian’s current System Funds had already exceeded 500,000, no additional top-ups would be made.

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Whereas if Pei Qian had managed to lose the 300,000 entirely, he would be injected with a fresh 500,000...

He was completely suicidal at the moment.

That 300,000 that was almost confirmed to be his had turned into 2,000!

Who could accept that?

At the same time, the System Funds had increased by over a thousand yuan within the span of a few minutes.

That was because Ghost General was still generating income.

Pei Qian was despaired and was even having doubts about himself.

“Could it be that I should change my mindset? Should I start thinking about how to make money in the future?”

“No, it’s too late for that...”

“Besides, I can’t possibly have such good luck in the future.”

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In that instant, Pei Qian’s thought of whether he should change to the path of profits disappeared from his mind entirely.

The reason was simple – the payoff was way too low and it wasn’t really possible as well!

Be it The Lonely Desert Road or Ghost General, a large part of their success was based on luck!

Would Pei Qian continue to have such amazing luck? That’s not for sure!

What if he tried to earn money legitimately and ended up earning nothing much while failing to make a loss either. Wouldn’t that be an awkward situation?

The key was in sticking to his original plans!