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Thus, these hilltop villas did the worst out of all of Ming Yun Villas. One could say that they were ultimate failures.

This was the most ridiculous thing: a plot of land in the residential area was to be used for commercial and residential purposes. Thus, a small portion of the villas was to have commercial qualities as well. According to the original plan, these semi-commercial villas were to be placed in the north-west region. What’s more, they were to be separated from the other purely-residential villas. This was even more unappealing.

Yet, Pei Qian thought that this was not a bad location.

If he could set up the restaurant there, wouldn’t it be even more difficult for people to find it? Compared to the previous shop spaces he chose, this one would be even more hidden!

In terms of practicality, the semi-commercial villas could be used for purely commercial purposes, as long as he fulfilled the fire stations’ and hygiene authorities’ requirements.

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Since Pei Qian was starting a high-end restaurant, he would definitely work according to those standards. On top of this, he would pay attention to the effect he would have on the surrounding residents.

The restaurant could create noise pollution, disturbance to residents, and problems with parking management. This might affect the residents’ daily lives.

However, this should not be much of a problem.

This was because the semi-commercial villas had already been separated from the purely residential villas. What’s more, the hilltop villas stood alone. There were no surrounding buildings either.

According to the plan, semi-commercial villas had their own entrances. This would make it convenient for cars to come in and out.

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The restaurant would not have too many customers as well. At the very most, Pei Qian would bring his employees here for a meal. They would only have meals here and would not engage in other activities like singing. By 8 PM, they would be gone. That would ensure that they did not disturb the residents.

Compared to the shops he chose earlier, this place was located much deeper in the area as well. It would be much harder for people to find it!

Who would expect a restaurant to be hidden among a bunch of villas?

Pei Qian was overjoyed. See, this was a blessing in disguise! I had to give up the few shop spaces that I found, but I ended up stumbling upon an even better location!

The only question is whether I can rent a villa and how much that rent is. If I can’t, I wonder if I can buy it.