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Make money on online online

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Pei Qian’s first thought was to spend the money on Bunny Tail live-stream based on the principle of ‘whoever earns the money will spend it’.

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However, on further thought, it did not seem to work.

That was because the places that live-streaming platforms could spend money on were actually very limited. They could hire more technicians and develop more functions. These actually did not cost much.

If he only spent a few million yuan after earning tens of millions, that would be a drop in the bucket. It would not quench his thirst at all.

The only places that could really spend a lot of money were things like buying copyrights and poaching big broadcasters.

However, this meant that the popularity and attention of Bunny Tail Live-Stream would increase again. The risk was too high!

Everything had been going smoothly for some reason ever since Bunny Tail’s live-stream was released. ICL league and GPL league were in their hands. Bunny Tail’s live-stream did not lack attention or popularity After the other live-stream platforms gave some huge gifts. The content on the platform was not too lacking either.

Under such circumstances, would he spend tens of millions to buy the broadcasting rights and poach popular live streamers?

It would probably cause a chain reaction.

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Thus, Pei Qian decided that he could not spend the money on Bunny Tail Live-Stream after much consideration. It was too risky.

Bunny Tail Live-Stream was akin to a critically ill person at the moment. He had to observe for a while and make sure that he did not use any strong drugs. He had to slowly recuperate.

Where would it be safest to spend this money then?

Pei Qian thought about it and suddenly thought of a good direction.

Otto Technologies!

More accurately, he would spend it on Otto Technologies’ laboratory so that they could research artificial intelligence.

Otto Technologies had AEEIS, and there were benefits to researching artificial intelligence technology. However, artificial intelligence technology should have had a breakthrough during the previous cycle!

It had been less than two months since the previous settlement. It was not appropriate for him to make another breakthrough, right?

What’s more, the last technological breakthrough had been decided by the System. The System would not cheat him, right?

One could not fall at the same place twice, right?