What are the local students online part-time money?

What are the local students online part-time money?

Later that evening, Ichinose called Nagumo.

She was making one final confirmation of everything in preparation for tomorrow’s exam.

“Nagumo-senpai, it’s me, Ichinose.”

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“Honami? This is about our little arrangement, right?”

“Yes. I brought it up with all my classmates earlier today, so I thought I’d run everything by you once again.”

“The conditions I gave you aren’t gonna change. Just scrape together every private point you can get your hands on, including the ones your classmates have. We can’t be having you get through this without sharing in the suffering together.”

“You’re right. I think so too.”

He wasn’t willing to lend them the points they needed while they still had points to spare for themselves.

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This was one of the conditions Nagumo had put forward in exchange for his cooperation.

Nagumo had an enormous amount of private points saved up, with the number nearly reaching ten million.

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However, he clearly wasn’t willing to lend out all of them. Furthermore, even if he hadn’t made this a requirement, Ichinose would have taken the initiative to minimize the number of points she’d have to borrow anyway.

“How many more do you need?”

“4,043,019 points.”

“Is that so? It seems that the strain on my budget will be lower than I expected. That said, this will still be putting me at a considerable disadvantage in the exams moving forward.”


Nagumo was carrying quite the burden.

He would have to take action if one of his classmates faced expulsion in the next special exam.

In which case, it was more than possible he would have the carpet pulled out from under him because of the four million points he was lending out.

Ichinose was painfully aware of how fortunate she was to receive this offer.