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The writers sat down at the table and ate as they chatted. They had all eaten Fish-Catching Take-Out for lunch as well. Thus, Cui Geng had already felt emotional from being able to eat healthy and delicious take-out then.

Zhu Xingan distributed each person’s meal to them at the conference table. For some reason, this scene made Cui Geng think about the oil painting of the last supper.

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As the writers ate and chatted, they talked about how many words they had written, how productive they had been, how their necks didn’t hurt thanks to the good chairs, and the like.

Cui Geng had nothing in common with them. What he wanted most to say was that he had written over eight thousand words that day. However, at a place like that, it did not seem like something worth being so proud of. Instead, it was quite embarrassing. In the midst of all the conversations going on around him, Cui Geng whipped out his cell phone to read the comments on his new chapters.

His cell phone’s signal was not hindered here, but there was no Wi-Fi. Thus, everyone had to spend money on buying data. Of course, even then, nobody spent all day on their cell phones playing games. How could they when everyone else was busy typing away? Anyone who did that would feel guilty for sure. What’s more, they had not been forced to attend this class. If they had no interest in writing, there would be no point in forcing themselves to stay. Leaving sooner would be better than later. At home, they could do anything they wanted.

It was just like sending a student who hated studying in a study room. No matter how much he did not want to learn, his environment could force him to learn something. It would be much easier for one to study in a study room than in one’s own hostel.

Cui Geng had to admit that… while he was a good slacker, he was also a good writer. A good number of people were keeping up with his novels.

A few minutes after he uploaded his new chapters, his readers posted comments. “???”

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“What am I seeing? Four chapters in a row?”

“Huh? I must have eaten too much today; I’m hallucinating!”

“Did the no-show eat the wrong medicines today? Not only did he upload four chapters in a row, but he also didn’t ask for any votes!”

“He must have found a substitute writer!”

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At that point, Cui Geng’s heart was pounding.

D*mn it, he had been too eager to upload his chapters, and he had forgotten to ask for votes!

He had uploaded so many chapters without asking for any votes. It felt as bad as losing a hundred million dollars.

He continued reading.

“What does ‘d*mn’ mean? I don’t think I’ve seen him end off chapters with this tone before.”

“I guess the no-show has been kidnapped. The kidnappers must have forced him to write over eight thousand words. He’s left us a clue at the end of the last chapter!”