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The viewers were all dumbfounded. They did not understand what kind of script this was.

Why did Cold-Faced Lady organize this food competition?

It would have been acceptable if they had wanted to advertise their roasted cold noodles. However, not only did they not do any advertisement, they even criticized their own store!

It did not conform to common sense or logic because Cold-Faced Lady needed not have done something like that.

There was a huge difference between good food and bad food, but most of the audience were in front of the screen and could not eat or taste it. Delicious or not actually depended on the judges’ tastes, right?

They could have made it not so obvious and gave the Cold-Faced Lady a second or third place and pick a few inconsequential problems to ensure the fairness of the competition.

Was there a need to be so strict?

Some people who had eaten Cold-Faced Lady before even felt that the rating was too low. Cold-Faced Lady might not be as delicious as Meng Chang bragged, but it was better than a roadside stall!

All of a sudden, the viewers in the live-stream room fell into a daze. They were all discussing the reason behind the Cold-Faced Lady’s actions. No one was paying attention to the competition of the rare local snacks.

The food competition finally came to an end at 7PM.

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After the selection of the rare local snacks, it was time for the final round of reviews.

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The officials ranked all participating vendors according to their ratings and awarded prizes and bonuses to the winners.

Cold-Faced Lady’s Roasted Cold-Faced Noodles was not selected without a doubt. It was at the bottom in the Roasted Cold-Faced Team. There was no chance at all in the overall review.