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“Watch out for sweet stuff.”

“Yes, I’m really sorry.”

A high school girl is apologizing to a 7-year-old child. …Sigh, this is embarrassing. The children and their parents in the waiting room are hiding their laughter too. …I’m really going to cry?

Mii shot me a sympathetic look that doesn’t resemble a face that a 7-year-old can make at all. Then, she changed the topic with her more-than-7-year-old wit.

“By the way, Aguri-nee-chan, don’t you have plans today?”

“Eh? Oh, hmm, sigh, I wanted to go on a date today.”

Mii asked a bit confusedly after hearing my answer.

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“A date? With Keita-nii-chan? Or with your prince?”


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I was pretty shocked when I heard her unexpected question. “I got a bit of intel from Mom.” She explained. After that, I sighed and mumbled.

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“Sigh, …you already know that, Mii. Well, I also know that Main-nee-san knows because of Amanocchi…”

I can’t help but wrap my hands around my head. As for Mii, she continued her innocent questioning.

“Well, don’t tell me that Keita-nii-chan and Aguri-nee-chan only have a ‘sexual’ relationship?”