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Somehow, I feel a bit sad. To think that there are people this similar, yet so antagonistic towards each other in this world. It’s a bit of a culture shock.

As I was thinking to myself, Hoshinomori-san cleared her throat and averted her eyes away from me, as if to hide her embarrassment.

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“I-i-if you’re ok with me, then please take care—”

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“Yes, gladly!”

Suddenly, a loud voice interrupted us from somewhere nearby. After looking around again, I noticed that we were right in front of a bar. A cheerful waiter kept repeating the same lines over and over again, as if he was taking multiple orders one after another.

“Yes, gladly!” “Yes, gladly!” “Yes, gladly!”

And before I noticed… Hoshinomori-san was trembling, looking down at the ground with teary eyes.

“(Ahh, right as I was about to accept her request, that loud waiter just ruined the mood! I can’t say it now! Under these circumstances, I can no longer use the words, ‘Gladly!’ I don’t want to use it! I don’t want to be like the waiter!)”

However, it looked like Hoshinomori-san didn’t have a backup plan. Or rather, the waiter was still saying “Yes, gladly!” over and over again, and so she couldn’t think of any other word. It was the same for me as well.

In the end, after she finally stopped shaking… when I thought that she would look at me with tears in her eyes, she instead turned around and ran away as fast as possible while shouting out loud.

“I’m sorry for some reason——————-!”

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“I am too for some reason————-!”

I replied in confusion to the girl running away.

I watched her leave until I could no longer see her… and then I feebly smiled