Is the online idle fish making money true?

Is the online idle fish making money true?

At the same time, in Los Angeles...

The members of FV Club were still training in the internet cafe while SUG Club was training them.

On the other hand, the data analysis team was seriously discussing the new play styles and strategies that had appeared in the group stages, summarizing the targeted methods of these play styles and using them as tactical reserves.

Wu Yue and Manager Lu did not interfere with the data analysis. They chatted in the corner of the second floor.

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“The teams that were eliminated in the group stages should have booked tickets for tomorrow, right? We’ll send them off with a new performance.”

At first, Wu Yue thought that it would be too much to mock them since they were all brothers. However, he got more and more excited after getting used to such settings.

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This was probably a window-breaking effect. He was becoming more and more open about it.

What’s more, everyone had already accepted FV Club’s performance. There were fewer and fewer haters.

“Boss Wu, I suddenly thought of something.” Manager Lu said as he collected materials on his computer.

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“Boss Pei gave us a budget for our food and accommodation until after the finals. Does this mean that Boss Pei has high hopes for us and thinks that we will definitely win the championship?”

Wu Yue nodded. “Yes, I noticed that too. That’s why we can’t let Boss Pei down!”

Wu Yue had not dared to think about the championship before this. After all, the world was filled with crouching tigers and hidden dragons. They were top experts all over the world. Who would dare to think so far ahead?

However, Wu Yue suddenly became confident after watching the entire group match.

That was because the data analysis team realized that the standard of the strong foreign teams in the group stages were only so-so. The tactics they used were very easy to crack. FV Club had a high chance of winning if they really met them in battle.

Wu Yue suddenly felt emotional as he looked at his team members who were seriously training. He said to Manager Lu, “I suddenly realized that Boss Pei made such an arrangement partly because of his trust in us and partly because of the victory of the logistics team.”