Is there a good job in the online initiative?

Is there a good job in the online initiative?

Coming to Shang Yang Games felt as though he had returned to Tengda. The office environment was too similar! Whether it was a spacious office space, wide desk, comfortable ergonomic chair, or a high-end computer coupled with dual monitors; the standard was exactly the same as in Tengda.

Lin Wan nodded. “Yes, Shang Yang Games might be a subsidiary of Tengda Games, but we do not distinguish between each other. Boss Pei always treats all employees equally.

“The office was rearranged according to Tengda Games’ standard just a few months after we moved. Such a setting seemed to be able to ignite the staff’s passion for work more easily.”

Ignite the staff’s passion for work?

Um, working in such a comfortable place did indeed feel very different from working in those cramped workstations.

Ruan Guangjian turned on his office computer while listening to Lin Wan introduce Shang Yang Games. It seemed pretty good. There was a seamless transition between Tengda Games and Shang Yang Games. The office environment was very familiar so he did not need any extra time to adapt at all.

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“This is the game we are developing, ‘Be Quiet’. It has a horror theme. Big Boss, you can play it casually and give us some comments.” Lin Wan pointed to the game icon on the desktop.

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The second version of Be Quiet had been developed. Its progress was more than half. There was just a certain distance away from the actual launch.

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The development of simple functions was fast, but for a game to be officially released, various gameplay and details had to be repeatedly fine-tuned. A large number of bugs had to be fixed. Such follow-up work on these subtleties could not be ignored.

Ruan Guangjian’s expression changed upon hearing the horror theme. “Horror games? No, no, I’m most afraid of horror! I won’t have come here if I knew that the project you are developing on is a horror game!”

“I was nearly scared to death watching ‘Midnight Call’, ‘Zerg’, ‘Chain Saw Madman’, ‘Ghost Shadow’, ‘Resurrection Night’, ‘Bright Flash’, ‘Ghost Record’… ‘The Curse!!”

Lin Wan was stunned. A question mark floated over her head.