How to make the design online how to make money

How to make the design online how to make money

“Too many game dealers are trying their best to suck up to the players, the ballers. You can become a master and have your way in the game by paying money. They don’t set up any obstacles or let you use your brain; they only give you some false experience points and props just by clicking the mouse... “But are you really happy? Is your wallet getting thinner? Is your thinking becoming more rigid? How long have you not experienced the shudder of the soul by solving a puzzle or discovering a kind of new gameplay? “Don’t you feel that it’s a pity that most local game designers are making such games? “So, I hope that students who are interested in this game can calm down, experience the designer’s true intentions, patiently complete the prerequisites, and experience this complicated game in person.

“I believe you will be able to find a totally different world!”

[1] This refers to games where the player only runs and goes through obstacles with speed.

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Pei Qian fell silent after watching the video. Philosophical questions circulated in his mind.

Who am I? Where am I? What am I doing?

Teacher Qiao’s words echoed in his ears.

The pain and pride of a top game designer? The fortune of domestic players? The shudder from the soul? Another wonderful world?

It was a misunderstanding, a total misunderstanding!

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Dear Audience, please don’t listen to the deceitful words of this wretched fat pig. Buy fewer copies of this game, please, I beg you!

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However, the feedback from the bullet screen comments shattered Pei Qian’s fantasy ruthlessly. “That makes sense!”

“Indeed, it’s impossible for a developer to do such complicated steps just to dissuade players. Thinking about it now, it really has the effect of purifying the game environment.”

“I can understand even if I still find it unacceptable.”

“It sounds interesting! I really want to try it now!”

“I have been playing this game for several days. It is really interesting to play with a few masters who know how to play! I hope that Old Qiao can post the strategy and walkthrough live soon so that more people can feel the charm of this high-end game!”

“I’m going to complete the prerequisites, buy it, and play it!”