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I’m sure she pushed all her work onto No. 18-san and is happily reading Weekly Shounen Yaiba.

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Thinking about that, I slowly opened the door. And there was the figure of Leia-sensei, seated at the luxurious black desk and had a complicated expression on her face.

「I’m tied up right now. Wait there a minute.」

Without looking at me, her gaze stayed planted on the document at hand, with a furrow between her eyebrows.


I answered briefly and waited for sensei.

About three minutes had passed since then.


Sensei threw the document she had been reading carefully – the Weekly Shounen Yaiba – on her desk and exhaled loudly.

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There was a hint of excitement on her face.

Apparently, the contents of this week’s issue were satisfactory enough.

「It was fun.」

Sensei murmured and drank the water placed on the desk vigorously.

「Well, what is it, Allen? It’s rare for you to come alone.」

She finally took the time to talk with me.

「Yes. Actually, I have something I would like to talk about.」