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Henan online earning money

Nonetheless, what I want to do now, I’m not sure what I want to be.

My immediate goal is the upcoming match.

I’m not thinking about the rest.

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On the contrary, whether or not I become a “warrior” in the first place......

“...... Is it all right? I wonder if they can talk to each other properly. Do your best ~ Earth ~ Hiro ~”

“Madam... If you’re worried, why don’t you go chat with them.”

“Because! It’s a father and son talk, right? It’s a difficult period, to watch over as a mother...”

“...... Madam...... Sure, Little man seems to have changed a lot recently.”

...... I can hear something. When I glanced at her, my mother and Sadiz were watching me and my father in the shadows.

“Isn’t that right? I mean, the other day you mentioned he had secretly hidden some smutty books from me in his room.”

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“Two more books were added recently.”

“Really!? Hey, what kind of books...? Hey, what’s it like?”

“...... Madam, your eyes are sparkling.”

“When I found out he was hiding an ero-book, I felt the bliss of a mother realizing her son’s growth!”

“...... When you were on your adventure with the Master, you hated lewd matters. You would hit the Master for saying things like ‘Ero-erotic Great Demon’.”