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how to transfer large sums of money between banks canada

(I’m frustrated, I don’t want to die, I don’t want to lose – I want to beat this genius!)

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At that time, there was something deep in my heart – something like a『soul』, whispered.

【As usual, you’re a jerk…Allen】

At that moment, my consciousness was swallowed by darkness.

Sid’s〈Vanal Thrust〉goes straight for Allen’s throat.

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That’s when Ria and Rose collapsed to their knees and many of the audience covered their eyes.

「…Aa!?」Sid’s unpleasant voice echoed.

His thrust – was grabbed by Allen’s right hand. Moreover, even when he tried to shake off Allen’s hand with his prided arm strength, the sword does not budge even an inch as though it were lodged into a rock.

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「Tch… your final struggle huh…?」

And the next instant, Allen lifted Sid together with〈Vanargand〉and threw them as though throwing away trash.


Sid was puzzled by the unexpected situation, but he immediately calmed his mind and went on guard. After that, when the cold air released from〈Vanargand〉cleared up, Allen, who should have been riddled with wounds, stood up on both feet. The numerous wounds carved onto his body were nowhere to be found. In addition, his appearance was obviously different from the past.

Long white hair that has emerged softly.