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“That’s fine. You always err on the side of caution.”

As the former student council president, Horikita would always approach others with a certain amount of trust, whether it was Kiriyama or Nagumo. Until there were any suspicions or he was betrayed, his trust in them was set in stone. I would never be able to imitate this type of behavior.

“So what happened?”

“She asked him for assistance with expelling Suzune Horikita. A very bold move.”

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“I wonder what happened that prompted her to change strategies?”

As her penalty for losing the bet with Horikita, Kushida gave her word that she wouldn’t interfere in the future.

That said, she clearly had no intention of keeping it.

Just as she tried to use Ryuuen to achieve her goal, she’s now reached out to use Nagumo as well. After seeing what Nagumo did at the training camp, it’s not a surprising action for her to take.

Of course, Kushida should’ve also noticed. Even though she managed to push Horikita into a desperate situation, she’s only gotten herself into one as well. However, necessity knows no law. I felt like she had reached that resolution. To be honest, I had thought that she jumped the gun a bit by siding with Ryuuen, but getting close to Nagumo here isn’t a bad idea for her. If she sides with an upperclassman, there wouldn’t be an additional person who knows her past after they graduate.

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However, that assumes that Nagumo is a trustworthy person in the first place.

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“After this, Nagumo or the people near him are going to be taking measures against Suzune.”

“What do you want me to do? You’re not asking me to protect your little sister, are you?”

“If Suzune drops out of the school in the future, that’s her own responsibility. However, Kushida also listed your name as a troublesome existence.”

“I see…”

While Nagumo may not have very much interest in me, hearing my name come up over and over will eventually clue him in anyway.

In other words, if I don’t cut the connection before it’s too late, I’ll keep finding myself getting involved with more trouble.

“What’s the possibility that Nagumo got in touch with Hashimoto?”

“What’s your reason for asking such a question?”