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Slow Movement Studio.

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Qiao Liang sorted out the experience report and modification opinions that he had written seriously after the trial yesterday and sent it to the chief designer of Slow Movement Studio, Cai Jiadong.

At the moment, “Animal Island” was only considered a semi-finished product. The characters, scenes, basic gameplay, and so on in the game were more or less done. However, as a VR game, its greatest advantage had not been revealed.

That was because characters, settings, and basic gameplay could be developed according to conventional games. It was considered a breeze.

On the other hand, innovations in the design for VR game modes such as telekinesis, fishing, archery, and so on had to be slowly perfected with the controller that was being developed, slowly adjusting the school, the range of the hand movements and the vibration of the controller.

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However, Qiao Liang already felt that this DEMO was very fun after trying it out.

After trying out “Animal Island VR”, the one thing that left the deepest impression on Qiao Liang was its unique art style.

It was an art style based on cartoonish rendering. The saturation of various colors was very high. Using a brush stroke and a large color block, it depicted a blue-green sky, hand-drawn clouds, and an exaggerated atmospheric perspective. It made people feel like they were in a pink painting.

Qiao Liang had used a pair of VR glasses from a foreign brand when playing “Animal Island VR”. The resolution was 2K.

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If it was the parameters of a regular monitor, 2K was considered very high resolution. Ordinary people would not be able to see any pixels with the naked eye. The clarity was very high.

However, even with a 2K resolution, it was still difficult to eliminate the grille effect in the VR glasses. In other words, it still felt like there were grains of fruit when looking at things.

However, after entering Animal Island VR, this feeling was relieved by the unique style of the game.

Qiao Liang had already understood that the new VR glasses that Slow Movement Studio was designing and developing had a resolution of 4K. It was the highest resolution that the current technical level could support.

What kind of display effect would Animal Island VR achieve under this resolution?

Just thinking about it made him look forward to it!

Apart from that, the image design in “Animal Island VR” left a deep impression on Qiao Liang.

Different characters, different appearances, but all very cute anthropomorphic animals, their posture as if they were drinking fake alcohol while walking, many buildings filled with design in the game, strange machines in the style of steam technology... Together, they formed a unique and novel world.