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“E-Enough about me, what about you? You!”

Uehara-kun suddenly accused me to conceal his embarrassment. I tilted my head.

“Me? Well, I told you I didn’t interact with ‘NOBE’ at all…”

“Who’s asking you about that! I mean you and Tendo, Tendo!"

He mentioned an unexpected name, which made me tilt my head blankly.

"Tendo-san? Hmm? What about Tendo-san? If you are asking about my interaction with the Gamers Club, I will greet Misumi-san when I meet him on the corridor by chance, or chat with him a little...”

I didn’t meet the upperclassmen since then, much less Tendo-san who was from a completely different realm…

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"Tendo-san and I don’t have anything in common to the point of being depressing."

I replied in a tone insinuating: ‘What’s the point of asking this now?’ Uehara-kun showed a stupefied expression for some reason.

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“Are you… serious?”

“Hmm? I am serious… Or do you want me to confess and get dumped?”

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“Eh, I don’t mean that… After that time, you didn’t see Tendo around much?”