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"I don't believe it.......".

As though they were whispering, someone somewhere talked about me.

"Well, well, I'm honestly impressed Ayanokouji Boy. To think that there's a Japanese person capable of fighting evenly against me. If you ask me, a few millimeters difference may as well be nonexistent".

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"'s almost like two T-Rexes having a showdown.......".

The boys stared at us in admiration from inside the bath.

"It's almost like you lot have become living witnesses to the making of history".

Kouenji tossed the towel onto his shoulder, laughing as he faced everyone.

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"However strictly speaking, I win. If you're using a T-Rex as an example then the difference lies in the number of prey we've eaten. In other words, the difference between us lies in our experience".

There's no longer even a need to tell us the details, Kouenji then plopped himself back into the bath.

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The next afternoon, Ma Yang handed the modified requirement form to Pei Qian.

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Looking through it, Pei Qian was fully pleased with what Ma Yang had written.

It was as good as writing nothing at all!

Even though Pei Qian hadn’t worked in the games industry before, the requirement form was a template off the resource website and there were basic instructions written at the top of the form.

Basically, the more detailed, the better.