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“Thanks a bunch for helping out Chihiro-chan, Ayanokōji-kun.”

“No, I’m sure you guys would’ve found her eventually. There’s no need to thank me.”

“No need to thank you? She could’ve gotten injured if she had gone much further, not to mention how much harder it would’ve been for us to track her down.”

Despite being from another class, even Takemoto was relieved that Shiranami had been found so quickly.

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If they had to chase after her as she wandered around in the forest, this might have cost them more than just a point or two.

“I hope you don’t mind me asking but, do you guys have a walkie-talkie?”

Having found a good opportunity to change the topic, I looked to Takemoto and asked about something I had been curious about.

“Huh? Walkie-talkie? I have one but─”

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Since I had done them a favor, they’d most likely be willing to lend it to me for a bit.

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“If it’s alright with you, could I have a word with Sakayanagi? I’m worried about some of my classmates, so I’d like to ask her if any of them have returned to the starting area.”

“If that’s all it is then sure. Hold on a sec.”

Takemoto didn’t seem to mind my request. In fact, he seemed happy to pay back the favor, seeing as he quickly took out his walkie-talkie and started fiddling with it.

As a product provided by the school, the walkie-talkies were naturally digital rather than analog. Additionally, they came with full support for privacy codes. Put briefly, privacy codes allow you to have private conversations with anyone who has the same code in a particular channel, thus eliminating the risk of having your communications intercepted by a third party. The groups that chose to purchase walkie-talkies for this exam should’ve each been given a privacy code to use in order to prevent any information leaks.

Soon enough, Takemoto spoke into the walkie-talkie to see if Sakayanagi was there to pick up.

She responded not too long afterward, at which point he passed the walkie-talkie over to me.

“I’d like to speak with her privately, if that’s alright.”

Seeing the three of them nod in response, I politely distanced myself from the campsite. Of course, I made sure to stay where they could see me so that they didn’t think that I was up to something nefarious. Then, after speaking with Sakayanagi for a short while, I went back to the group and handed the walkie-talkie back to Takemoto at Sakayanagi’s request.

“That’s everything Sakayanagi. Sorry to bother you so late.”