What business is the most profitable online now?

What business is the most profitable online now?

“Hey there!!”


Normally, if such an unexpected event happens, you can’t move immediately.

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What’s more, what was about to come out of the back room was something that was obviously not human.

At the very least, I observed it, thinking about what to do.

But he was different.

He slipped in-between them.


A sense. A wild feeling. As if instinct had detected it, he moved faster than anyone else, hitting a huge arm that was swung down with a kick.

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“Huh~, wh-what… this guy… so cool…”

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And, everyone was amazed at the sight.

“Free…kill…you…I’ll kill you!”

The girth was about two times bigger than that of a normal person.

Its whole body was covered in green skin, the hands were sharp sickle-like arms.

The expression, completely different from that of a human being, was that of an insect.

“A… Praying Mantis?”

“This thing… a giant human-shaped mantis. Mantis race!?”

It’s a monster that I’ve only seen in picture books.