What career can make money online?

What career can make money online?

“Hmm… what should I name the alternate account?”

“Let’s call him Young Master Tian!”

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Meng Chang slapped his forehead and thought of a small ID.

He first thought of “Meng Tengjun” based on his own name, but this ID seemed a little too obvious. Thus, he changed to another name. Meng Tengjun’s original name was Tian Wen. He was the head of the four young masters in the war, so he was called Tian Gong.

Most people would only think that the person was a young man with the surname ‘Tian’ when they saw the ID ‘Young Master Tian’. They would not think about Meng Chang.

“There’s still about a week until the end of the month. There’s no rush to make the video. Just make it before the end of the month and wait for it to be released.”

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“I’ll ask Teacher Qiao to share it when the time comes. It should be able to gain good popularity soon.”

“During this period, we can also release the follow-up plan for the bug and add more wood.”

Meng Chang sent a message to Li Yada, indicating that she could go online with the plan that she had previously worked on.

Dawn Games platform would launch an event to find bugs.

The games that could already be played on the platform were basically the same as the Blade of the Empire. There were one or two bugs. After all, the standard to be released was that Tang Yishu could only play within five bugs in half an hour. It was impossible for bugs not to exist.

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In this event, players would only have to find bugs in a game and reach the number of bugs recorded on the platform to be rewarded with 1,000 yuan. If they exceed the number of bugs recorded on the platform, they would be rewarded with 100,000 yuan!