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Then there's the fact that it's all students from Class C.

"...the class's information slipped out...the list on the participation table was leaked?".

"That's right. All of this was set up in advance and the information was communicated to Ryuuen".

"That sort of thing.....if I recall, Horikita-san's opponents were always---Yajima-san and Kinoshita-san...does this have something to do with the traitor you were talking about earlier?".

I nodded slightly. I made her understand just how bad of a situation this is.

"That sort of did you find out....? How should I put it, it would be less strange if you told me you're the traitor.....that's not it right?".

"Unfortunately enough".

Leaving aside the 'who' for now, what's important is that the class's information is being leaked.

Our order of participation in the contests that we agreed on, with Hirata being first on the list, as well as our strategies, all of it is known to Ryuuen. Based on that information, he did two things.

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One is to feed weak students to the talented students like Sudou and Hirata. And then he forces unathletic students like Ike and Yamauchi to compete against students who excel in sports beyond the shadow of a doubt in order to rack up wins that way. Of course, we are also taking that into account when coming up with our combinations but since Class C knows everything, they simply wait for us to make our move. That way, there's no mistaking the fact that Class C would produce better results.

The other is his targeting of Horikita. But that has nothing to do with leading his class to victory. He himself, for the sole purpose of crushing Horikita, is sending out powerful pieces to attack and crush her.

As a matter of fact, she's already losing face. If we rank Class D, then Horikita is already sinking to the very bottom of it. These strategies indeed reveal the peculiarities of the man known as Ryuuen Kakeru.

If he truly did not wish for his strategy to be revealed, he could have made sure to switch up the students in detail. However, the fact that he didn't do so would mean that he wishes to shock us by having us catch onto his strategy, it's because his desire to scare us that way is clear.

"So you're not going to help her?".

"That's....something I don't know".

"The participation table for this sports festival has already been confirmed. There's nothing we can do about that".