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Although I didn’t mean to change, I must’ve changed without having noticed myself. I must’ve gotten used to it.

Especially, I feel like I get along with Horikita—wait, no, we definitely don’t get along, but strangely, I don’t feel awkward around her. If it were some other girl, I wouldn’t be able to converse normally, and would probably be flustered.

That’s why I only talk to people close to me.

More than anything, I’m grateful that being silent doesn’t make the mood worse.

“Is there anything that made you change?”

“I wonder… If I had to come up with a reason, it would be that I simply got used to school life and made a few friends. Also, Kushida was probably a big factor as well.”

If it’s only a group of boys, then no one really says much and there’s a lot of silence in the conversation.

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If Kushida’s there, though, someone’s always talking at a given time, and the atmosphere feels more lively.

“You seem to be getting along with Kushida-san. Aren’t you concerned, especially knowing about her other side?”

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“I was surprised when she said that she hated you. But it’s natural that you’ll like and hate some people. It’s no use to get concerned over such small things. Even when she’s said it explicitly, why do you pretend to get along with her?”

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“I see. Well, I also hate Ayanokouji-kun, but we still talk normally. I don’t really mind it.”


What the hell, why say it to my face…

“That’s what I’m saying. If someone else says that they hate another person, it’s fine, but if someone says that they hate you, don’t you feel bad?”

“…Were you testing me?”

While saying “I don’t know, was I?”, she started coming her hair. Completely forced.

“I don’t intend to bother her, but Kushida-san and I are like oil and water. I think there’s no need to fight with her.”

In other words, it probably means that she won’t join a group chat with Kushida in it.

“In the first place, why does she hate you?”