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“Ah, then I’ll go with you-“

Then, I stopped Chiaki with my hands and even naturally grabbed her cup.

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“It’s okay, Chiaki-san. I’ll refill yours as well.”



Crap, this time, it’s the Aguri-san Treatment popping up where I got used to in the family restaurant.

“Sorry, this is how I am when I’m with Aguri-san, that’s an accident…”

“R-Really. You’re always helping her…Whatever, it’s fine…”

Although Chiaki curled up her lips for some reason, she still prepared to stand up.

During this time, I saw her legs hit the table for a bit, so I immediately acted and kneeled down!

“Are you okay, Chiaki-san! Did you hurt your precious legs!”

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“Precious legs?”

“Ah! Crap, I accidentally fell to my bad habit again. I just wasted the Aguri-san’s treatment on you…!”

“It’s wrong, Keita. Your Aguri-san’s Treatment has some issues! Seriously, who’s Aguri-san in your eyes?”

“Eh, I worship her.”

“Hiya, I just heard a ridiculous answer.”