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This was a difference in perspectives and horizons.

Even Bao Xu—who had played so many games—felt that Game Designer was ‘interesting’; suffice to say, Game Designer was indeed very special!

However, Bao Xu had not finished speaking just yet.

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His face grew stern as he caveated, “However, that does not mean that this game would definitely make money. I think that this is Boss Pei’s experiment with a non-mainstream game. He would either be called a god or would fail miserably. Everything depends on how the market reacts to it.”

“Please enlighten me, Brother Bao.” Lu Mingliang listened earnestly.

Bao Xu formulated his thoughts. “I can only guess at Boss Pei’s intentions based on my limited gaming experience. I feel that Boss Pei has always been a very lonely person.”

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Lu Mingliang was confused, “Boss Pei is a very lonely person? Why would you say that? I think that… Boss Pei is rather optimistic and chirpy.”

“Really?” Bao Xu asked back, “Do you remember that company gathering we had?? How Boss Pei acted?”

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Lu Mingliang was a little stumped. He recalled what happened that day. That gathering for a meal had been to celebrate Ocean Stronghold’s successful development. Boss Pei had brought everyone to eat a four-hundred-yuan apiece buffet.

As they had had so much fun and the food was so good, Lu Mingliang’s memory of that day was still fresh.

How Boss Pei acted? He actually didn’t really have an impression.

He tried again to jog his memory.

“It seemed… Boss Pei had been sitting down quietly the whole time. He did not eat or drink much; he seemed to have a lot on his mind, and he kept thinking of things…” Lu Mingliang looked at Bao Xu.

Bao Xu nodded, “That’s right. In such a place and environment, can one’s real mental state be noticed? In the office normally, Boss Pei is rather amicable in front of us. As a leader, this is what Boss Pei has to do: to constantly infect us with his best energy, to encourage us.”

“However, at gatherings over a meal, one who is actually really a lonely person would more or less reveal his true emotions!

“Think about it. At that time, Ocean Stronghold’s development had been completed, and we were almost on the cusp of a huge success. Delicacies had been laid out in front of everyone. No matter how one looked at it, there was no reason to be worried or troubled, right?

“What is it that could make Boss Pei so dejected? It is probably his feeling of loneliness internally!”

Lu Mingliang blinked as he felt that this seemed to make sense. Boss Pei was indeed not at his best form by then, from an emotional and mental point of view.