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Is it true that advertising money online is true?

“Umm, against the strongest warrior, that Machio… is he fighting?”

“There’s no way, right? That’s… someone about the same age as us…”

“This isn’t scary, is it!?”

Even those they were there.

What are they doing here? Did you skip school? Well, staying seemed awkward.

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And at the same time, I remembered what I said to them. What did I say to them when I parted?

Don’t just linger there, man up, or something…

Could I throw out such a line, be described as “running around with my feet” and remain silent?

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“Let’s go, Mr. Machio!”

I’m not willing to take such a stupid attack.

However, I won’t dodge those attacks to be deemed as running around with my feet either.

I’ll show you, “how to fight with your feet”.

“Come on.”

Going forward, crossing the center of the ring first, and I reached Mr. Machio who was still approaching.

At the same time, I firmly clenched my right fist, swung it in motion, and hit him from the start.

“Great Demon Full Swing!!”

A wide swing of my fist. Usually, it’s not so easy to land the hit, but Mr. Machio was still ‘deliberately’ tanking all my attacks rather than being unable to respond to them.

My fist is buried into his nose. However, Machio took it without even blinking, and his legs and neck did not waver at all.